Journal of Theoretics

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Science without theory, is Science without direction.

Mission Statement: The Journal of Theoretics?/font> mission is to advance scientific inquiry and knowledge by publishing credible peer-reviewed articles in the field of Theoretics, free of charge and accessible to all.  Theoretics is the scientific field of endeavor which incorporates science, logic, and language, in order to develop, improve, and advance scientific theory.  The better the theory development, the better the science.  [The Journal of Theoretics is a  nonprofit scientific peer-reviewed journal.  ISSN: 1529-3548.]

Theoretics: the field of study which utilizes creative thought, disciplined logic, and the current knowledgebase to develop credible scientific theory.

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Over 5000 readers/issue.  Number of readers for each year:

  • 31025 in 2004

  • 33151 in 2003

  • 35063 in 2002

  • 34011 in 2001

  • 27862 in 2000

  • 21685 in 1999 

(First issue was April 1999 and final issue Vol. 6, No. 6 was December 2004.)

 ?Journal of Theoretics, Inc. 1999-2004